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Amrut Dredging and Shipping Ltd is aligned to pursue the dredging objectives of India’s Maritime Agenda -2020 and other opportunities in the Middle East/North Africa and SAARC countries.

ADSL has the expertise/credentials to build on the existing fleet and 37 major /26 minor contacts valued at over Rs 1500 crores ( $ 266 Million USD)

The budgetary allocations exceeds Rs 9000 crores (approx. $ 1.3 Billion USD) for major dredging projects in INDIA and Rs 20,000 crores (approx. $ 3.2 Billion USD) for dredging projects in the Middle East and North Africa

Investor may please contact:

Dubai Office: uae@amrutdredging.com

Mumbai Office: mumbai@amrutdredging.com